with Adobe Analytics.

Understanding the keys to performance increases your chance at success — whether you’re picking a national champion or taking the winning shot. Use our analysis of college hoops data, or customize your own using Adobe Analytics, to create matchups. Then, start filling out your brackets. It’s fun and it’s free. #HackTheBracket

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Pick your match-up. Predict the winner.

What impact does season-long performance have at the big tournament? We use Adobe Analytics to project head-to-head outcomes and give you a bracket-busting edge.* Select a team from each dropdown list to see the probable result.

Team 1
Team 2

We predict Team 1 will defeat Team 2, with 68.08% probability.

We’re giving you the keys.

Predict your brackets like a pro with Adobe Analytics in your hands. For a limited time, we’ve loaded college basketball data into the industry’s top analytics tool so you can use it to run your own hoops analysis and make your best prediction of who will win the big games.**

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It pays to be champion, by over

People love a winner. By our analysis, last year’s college hoops champion had more than a 5x increase in merchandise sales compared to the runner-up.

Each round increases what wins are worth, up to

Go farther into each bracket, and merchandise sales are a slam dunk. Analysis of the final rounds saw sales more than double — and a 300% increase for the final teams.

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