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Understanding performance is key to increasing your chance at success — whether you’re picking a champion or taking the winning shot. Use our analysis of professional basketball data, or customize your own using Adobe Analytics, to participate in our weekly hoops analysis challenges. We’ve partnered with Sportradar to give you access to play-by-play data for the entire 2017-2018 season. Now, use the world’s number-one system to analyze it. Jump right in. #DefendWithData

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Listen to our data junkies as they breakdown the professional basketball finals with Adobe Analytics.

Build your dream team.

Who consistently outperforms the rest of the pack? Who had the best season? If you were building your 2017-2018 dream team, who would you choose? Select a position and compare top players.*

Player 1
Player 2

We’re giving you the keys.

Experience Adobe Analytics today to analyze the top professional basketball players. For a limited time, we’ve loaded the 2017-2018 season data into the industry’s leading analytics tool so you can use it to run your own player analysis and build a case for your choice of the best players in the league.**

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Playoffs? The top 16 teams experience a 24% boost in merchandise sales.

It pays to be the best. Teams that reach the finals see a revenue lift of 191% during that time.

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The right analytics tools get the right insights to the right people and the right experiences to the right customers — fast. Adobe Analytics capabilities do exactly that.

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